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Meet the Inspector

inspector bob geddes

Bob Geddes

Bringing Peace of Mind to Every Homeowner


Cumberland, RI

What I Inspect

A home inspection encompasses a detailed visual assessment of vital structural elements, systems, and accessible components within the property.

Throughout the inspection, I meticulously assess the following systems and components:

- Interior and exterior features, including walls, windows, and doors

- HVAC systems (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning)
- Basement, crawlspace, and overall structure
- Fireplace
- Roof and attic
- Electrical systems
- Plumbing

My commitment is to deliver an exhaustive evaluation, ensuring you gain a comprehensive insight into the state of your property.

house systems components standards

My top priority is to provide buyers with the confidence they need as they navigate homebuying in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. I am dependable, skilled, and approachable, and my goal is to simplify and alleviate any stress from the home inspection experience. When I do an inspection for you, rest assured that you'll receive a sincere and thorough evaluation of the property you're considering for purchase. Your trust is invaluable to me.


Serving the communities of Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts, my role as a Home Inspector is all about instilling confidence in homebuyers. I conduct a thorough examination encompassing the home's structure, systems, and components. From this comprehensive assessment, you'll receive an easy to read and thorough report outlining my observations and recommendations for necessary repairs. My approach is tailored to meet your specific needs and I'm committed to delivering exceptional craftsmanship. With my extensive expertise and experience, I'm dedicated to offering you the reassurance that your investment is a prudent one. You can rely on me as your dependable and trustworthy home inspector, always ready to serve you with integrity.

About Me

I embarked on a career in construction due to my lifelong passion for architecture and a keen eye for buildings. I am a graduate of Northeastern University with a degree in Civil Engineering, specializing in Construction Management. I have held my Contractor Supervisor's License in Massachusetts since 1981 and in Rhode Island since 1985. After decades of serving the construction industry, I decided to utilize my many years of experience solving problems in home construction to home inspecting. I am proud to say that many clients have become friends and I love to share my knowledge about homes with prospective home buyers. I live in Cumberland, RI with my wife, where we raised three children. I love to ski, fish, and golf in my spare time.

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Educating my clients

During the home inspection process, I prioritize guiding you through the functionality of every element of your home. This includes sharing valuable maintenance insights and energy-saving suggestions. It's important to acknowledge that scientific studies emphasize the significant connection between housing conditions and human well-being. This is why I'm committed to collaborating with you to guarantee that your residence enhances your health and overall quality of life.

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